Convenience Center


The convenience center is designed as drive-through facilities to maximize convenience to users with small loads. To expedite traffic flow, prevent accidents and safeguard facility personnel, users of the convenience center must pull up next to the compactor. The facility is not designed for users to back vehicles up to the compactor.

Users with loads that must be unloaded from the rear of the vehicle must use the transfer station. The transfer station is designed to allow vehicles to back up to the compactor to unload.

Access to the facilities is available only during the posted hours of operation. An attendant will be on-site at all times that the facilities are open to assist users.

Responsibility of the Attendant

The attendant is responsible for overseeing the operation of the facility and enforcing these operating rules. The attendant is charged with confirming and enforcing the eligibility of users at the facility. The attendant is responsible to direct users to place waste and recyclable materials in the proper locations. The attendant may assist users of the facility, but is not responsible for the unloading of any vehicle.

Site Locations

The transfer station and convenience center are located at 16284 John Clayton Memorial Highway (Route 14).