Mathews County wishes to clarify recent events related to the Hole In The Wall Waterfront Grill.  On May 25, 2022 the restaurant was closed due to concerns stemming from an Structural Engineering report outlining alterations from design drawings and soil foundation deficiencies.  The County owns the structure and closed it due to safety concerns and protection of the public.  The Tenant was unfortunately unaware of the structural issues and the closure caused considerable discourse and misinformation among employees and citizens.   The restaurant was not closed due to operation of the restaurant in any way. The County has been working with the Engineer to implement a temporary solution that will allow the restaurant to re-open on the evening of May 27, 2022 with the cooperation and input of the Hole in the Wall owners.  Public Safety and protection of the citizens is of upmost importance to both the County and the Hole in the Wall.  The temporary measures will allow the restaurant to stay open while the County and the Hole in the Wall work on a permanent solution.  The Hole in the Wall is a great restaurant that provides an opportunity for citizens to socialize and enjoy a meal and the beauty of Mathews County.

Water Safety Flyer & Information 

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                                                                        Here it is!  Check out the Watermen & Woman Interviews 

                                                                       from May Faire 2022!!!!  Thank you to all who participated.

May Faire 2022 Interviews

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