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The County of Mathews wants everyone to be able to access and understand the information on our website.


The County of Mathews encourages the public to visit its' website ( as the first place to look for information on County resources and services. The County is dedicated to facilitating easy access to web resources for all citizens. Computers with web access are available for public use in the Mathews Memorial Library. If you cannot access the web, or if you have questions concerning the content on the County’s web pages, do not hesitate to CALL 804-725-7172 for assistance. Staff is available Monday - Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. to answer your questions.

What is "Accessibility"?

"Accessibility" means that all people, despite physical challenges and disabilities, can access web resources to find the information they need. Meeting this goal is a challenge. Technology to make "accessibility" a reality is constantly changing; both for the provider of the information as well as the person requesting the information. The County continues to work hard to improve how they deploys technology to better present data to the public. The following is a list of the commonly used resources the city uses for guidance.

  • Section 508 technical standards
  • Web Accessibility Initiative of the World Wide Web Consortium
  • Information Technology Technical Assistance and Training Center

We want everyone who visits the County of Mathews website to feel welcome and find the experience rewarding.

What are we doing?

To help us make the County of Mathews website a positive place for everyone, we've been using the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1. These guidelines explain how to make web content more accessible for people with disabilities, and user friendly for everyone.

The guidelines have three levels of accessibility (A, AA and AAA). We’ve chosen Level AA as the target for the County of Mathews website.

How are we doing?

We've worked hard on the County of Mathews website and believe we've achieved our goal of Level AA accessibility. We monitor the website regularly to maintain this, but if you do find any problems, please get in touch.

Let us know what you think

If you enjoyed using the County of Mathews website, or if you had trouble with any part of it, please get in touch. We'd like to hear from you in any of the following ways:

  • call us on 804-725-7172

This accessibility statement was generated on 14th February 2019 using the Accessibility Statement Generatorbuilt by Nomensa.

"Accessibility" Timelines

While it is the County’s goal to become fully "accessible" by all citizens, it will require time to implement. The County would like to remind visitors to call the County Administrator’s office at 804-725-7172, as an alternative resource for finding information.

Current Milestones:
  • May 2018 - Redesign web pages to move most important information to the top of the screens, minimizing the need to scroll down pages.  Redesigned links that are more straight forward for the sight impaired.  Moved most sought-after information to the front of the site for ease of access.

Future Milestones:

  • Enhance the accessibility to County forms
  • Ensure newly created applications are accessible
  • Upgrade legacy applications to become accessible
  • Upgrade legacy data for accessibility
  • Adding accessibility as a requirement for "software as a service" or "consumer off the shelf" products that we use.