FOIA Request Log

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2021 Requests

FOIA Number Date Requested Requester Item Requested
21-01 January 28, 2021 David Schlosser *Long Request, Please Contact the Administration Department for Further Information
21-02 February 3, 2021 Michael May "Any environmental-related information or records concerning underground or aboveground storage tank installations or removals, fuel or chemical storage, drinking water wells, septic systems, illegal dumping, environmental health-related complaints, code violations, fires, petroleum, or hazardous materials spills, releases, and/or enforcement actions for the following property: 1771 Buckley Hall Road, Parcel ID 9-A-3"
21-03 February 5, 2021 Willie Love "Email from Mr. Casale addressed to the Board of Supervisors prior to the January 26, 2021 Regular Meeting pertaining to the Hole in the Wall"
21-04 April 9, 2021 Amanda Jimenez "Copies of active code compliance, building, nuisances, or property maintenance code violations, any open or expired building permits or any unpaid fines/fees/invoices resulting from violations or permits. Records should be checked no further back than 5 years. Also copies of active demolition orders or any unpaid vacant property registration fees due. Property 662 Antioch Road, Susan, VA 23163 Parcel #: 39-A-136"

21-05 June 3, 2021 Brian Lynch *Long Request, Please Contact the Administration Department for Further Information
21-06 June 8, 2021 Lisa Sutton "Does [Edward] Breeden have approval from the county for his new building's that he has and is [the] building on the waterfront property he owns?" 
21-07 June 10, 2021 April Rounds "I am writing to request a copy of Mathews' Organizational Chart and the job description for the 'Deputy County Administrator/Clerk to the BOS' position [...]."