FOIA Request Log

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2020 Requests

FOIA Number Date Requested Requester Item Requested
20-01 January 16, 2020 Byron Raunch "A copy of those budget proposals [Fiscal Year 2020 to 2021] Department Heads and Constitutional Officers that were presented to the Board and would prefer them in a soft copy format".
20-02 January 16, 2020 David Schlosser "A copy of those budget proposals [Fiscal Year 2020 to 2021] Department Heads and Constitutional Officers that were presented to the Board and would prefer them in a soft copy format".
20-03 January 16, 2020 Donna Elliot "Copies of the most recent cover sheet, plan sheets (sheets showing the layout of each parcel affected), right-of-way data sheets, and any conceptual plans for the above referenced project [Mathews Courthouse Streetscape Improvements Phase II]"
20-04 January 30, 2020 Dee Russell "I am requesting electronic copies of the documents which Mr. Hudgins provided the other Board of Supervisor members and the County Administration, but were not part of the original meeting packet, at the Board of Supervisors meeting on Tuesday, January 28, 2020".
20-05 January 31, 2020 Jessica Christensen "1) All emails sent from Supervisor Paul Hudgins’ email address since the creation of the account. 2) All emails received by Supervisor Paul Hudgins’ [County-issued] email address since the creation of the account"
20-06 February 16, 2020 Jason and Gina Bass "Has Mathews County made any effort to slow the progress of yet another illegal oyster business coming from the Eleys and Hoopers?"
20-07 March 3, 2020 Dee Russell "All of Paul Hudgins’ emails [County email address and any personal emails that pertain to public business] from January 1, 2020 to the present [March 4, 2020]"
20-08 March 3, 2020 Dee Russell "All FOIA costs over the past two years"
20-09 March 4, 2020 Paul Hudgins "Please provide me with any and all information about patches, changes, additions, deletions, or any other modifications to all communication devices issued to me by Mathews County, Virginia. These devices may include cellular telephones, I-Pads, and computers. For any modifications, please advise me of the date, time, purpose, nature of modifications. Further, please advise who directed that any modifications should be made".
20-10 March 5, 2020 Dee Russell "I am asking for an electronic copy of the letter Mr. Hudgins reference in the February 25th Board of Supervisors meeting as a ’private communication’ which should not have been opened by the county. In addition, I would like an electronic copy if the letter the same day"
20-11 March 19, 2020 A.C. Bareford "Requested is a copy of all records of any sort in the possession of your office to include but not limited to, emails, reports, hand-written notes, pictures, videos, complaints, telephone logs, maps, correspondences, and writings of any sort […] this request is for the records pertaining to or in any way related to the parties, properties, and or notices cited above [William and or Robin Eley]".
20-12 April 3, 2020 A.C. Bareford "Requested a breakdown of the invoice for FOIA 20-11, who performed this invoice, where was it performed, and under what authority were the rates set?"
20-13 June 26, 2020 Michael Pierce "Request for the building permit for the large confederate flag structure on Rte 14". 
20-14 July 7, 2020 Sara Howard "I would like any records the county has regarding hazmat or petroleum incidents at the property [149 Main Street (Parcel ID 26A327-A)] and/or any records of underground or aboveground storage tanks".
20-15 July 16, 2020 Alison Hainley Requesting the records for all of the complaints, notices, and correspondence related to George Machem and the cattle he has on Pecan Lane in Cardinal from 01/01/2017 to the present. 
20-16 July 28, 2020 David Jones "Please provide me with a copy of the invoice from Morse Enterprises, dated April 1, 2020, in the amount of $37,530.00"
20-17 July 30, 2020 Shawn Jaeger "Any emails between Mindy, Paul Hudgins, Amy Dubois, Sheriff Barrick, and Fire Department President regarding the items at [the] meeting last night [07-28-2020]"
20-18 August 11, 2020 Sherry Hamilton "I would like copies of all the permits issued and inspections completed by the building official's office for work conducted on the FEMA project at the Christian home on Morse Point Road".
20-19 August 16, 2020 Dee Russell "A list of anything which has been proposed or projected as a CARES ACT expense by Mathews County"
20-20 August 21, 2020 Shawn Jaeger "Any information regarding the 674 Morse Point Road house project through FEMA [...]"
20-21 August 21, 2020 Carol Bova "A digital copy of the following invoices* from Miller's septic plus any Miller's invoices yet unpaid" *Contact the Admin Office for a list of requested invoices.
20-22 August 22, 2020 Dee Russell "I am requesting electronic copies of any and all invoices, bills, estimates which have been “ear-marked” or GL coded as items which the County has determined it will be using any part of the 1.5 million dollars of CARES Act funding to pay for"

20-23 October 28, 2020 Shawn Jaeger "I would like to request some specific information regarding Hole in the Wall. 1. The health permit regarding the septic permit, especially spelling out daily usage. 2. Miller septic pumping records from May 2020 until current. Also May 2019 to October 2019.
20-24 October 28, 2020 Shawn Jaeger "I would like to request information regarding Hudgins auto body at 199 Cardinal Rd, Cardinal, VA 23025. I understand there is a conditional use permit? May i get a copy of that please? Also, have there been any complaints against the business regarding the conditional use permit?"

20-25 October 28, 2020 David Jones "I am requesting all information all emails, documents or information between any Mathews County Government employee, Board of supervisor member and any Local health dept. employee recommending that Mathews county Virginia should be put under a (Declaration of local Emergence) as of 10/27/2020"

20-26 October 30, 2020 David Jones A copy of the Mathews County leave policy. 
20-27 November 12, 2020 David Jones "Please provide me with any copies of any emails or other paper work from Oct 27 2020 to the present from any source to and from the Mathews county board of supervisors, or any other county employee or out side source in regards to the local declaration of emergence that was put forth on Oct 27, 2020"