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22-01 01/09/2022 Dee Russell May I please get an electronic copy of the "redline" version of the Code of Ethics as discussed in the January 6th organizational meeting? And may I please know when the copy which was included in the packet change to a redline version and by whom YES
22-02 01-11-2022 Jackie Wilton Animal Bite Records YES
22-03 01-10-2022 Cindy Deakyne Dog Bite incident records.  YES
22-04 01-20-2022 Candy Eubank All correspondence, including text messages, files, emails, photographs or other documents pertaining in any way to Mark and/or Candy Eubank, Eubank & Company, LLC., Lot Scapes, Tin Can Alley, State Rt. 633 that occurred or is dated after 1/01/2018.
2. All correspondence, including text messages files, emails, photographs or other documents pertaining in any way to Bill Cheek aka. William Cheek, or Lisa Emerson that occurred or is dated after 1/01/2018.  Email sent with quote 1.26.2022 jlg
22-05 01-24-2022 Dee Russell Requested a copy of all of Carole Bova's HIW FOIA Requests YES
22-06 01-26-2022 John Walker Requested a copy of FOIA request 21-19 WITHDRAWN

22-07 01-31-2022 Dee Russell May I please get an electronic copy of all emails from Mike Walls and David Jones from either their county or personal email accounts from January 1, 2022 to January 26, 2022 which have anything to do with county business with the exception of personnel issues.
I will be happy to bring a zip drive by once the FOIA request has been completed. Thanks, and have a great day! Dee Russell
22-08 02-23-2022 Dee Russell May I please have electronic copies of all applications of anyone who submitted an application for consideration for appointment to:
Board of Building Code Appeals
Middle Peninsula Planning District Commission (Citizen Representative) I re-read my request #1... I would like to amend that request for only applications from January 1, 2022 for those appointments and add the Board of Zoning Appeals.
22-08A 02-23-2022 Dee Russell May I please have electronic copies of all the Board of Supervisors
Statements of Economic Interest as required by the Virginia State Code § 24.2-502.
22-08B 02-23-2022 Dee Russell May I please have a copy of the email referenced by David Jones during the January 25th BOS meeting. For reference his statement at 2:17:34 of the recording was:
"I received an email on my personal email account about ordinance 175-15.10 Inoperable or Junk Vehicles." 
22-09 03-20-2022 Carol Bova Please send an electronic copy of any Church View invoices paid after 3/11/22, or waiting to be paid, plus invoice number 52539 paid on 3/11/22. (Date shown as 2/24/22 on expense report for 3/2 pumping.) Thank you!  Carol J. Bova 6163
22-10 03-25-2022 Carol Bova NextGen July 2020 proposal said: The cost of the proposed NextGen Septic system will be $47,800 which includes all the
equipment, as shown in the figures. NextGen Septic requires 70% down payment with formal sale contract agreement at the time the Purchase Order is issued. The County paid $50,000 on May 28, 2021 and expense report said 1 of 3.
November 5, 2021, paid: NEXTGEN SEPTIC LLC Capital Outlay 2ND PAYMENT OF 3 2ND PAYMENT OF3 11/05/2021 12/01/2021 18,000.00
I found no record in the Board packets for a formal sale contract agreement or purchase order. I am requesting electronic copies of: Next Gen formal sale contract agreement
 Purchase order for that contract Invoices for May 2021 payment, November 2021 payment, and any other NextGen invoices—paid or unpaid.
YES - Invoices sent. Other documents were not found.
22-11 04-06-2022 Dee Russell Past inspections, handwritten notes and any information regarding Hole in the Wall.  Information sent via Cnty. Atty on 4.19.2022
22-12 04.13.2022 Dee Russell Based on statements made to me by County staff last week about the destruction of the paper permit file for the county owned property located at :384 Old Ferry Road, Grimstead, VA, 23064 also known as Hole in the Wall Restaurant I would like the following information:
 1. What is the exact date of the destruction of the file?
 2. Who destroyed the file?  3. How did they destroy the file?  4. What was the contents of the file at time of destruction?  5. Who initiated the destruction of this file?
 6. Who was the County records officer at the time of destruction?  7. What was the reason for the destruction of the file? 8. Were any parts of the file scanned into Laserfiche prior to destruction?
County Attorney Processing
22-13-15 04-19-2022 Byron Rauch Extensive request (3 total) requesting various emails and FOIA charges YES

22-16 05-04-2022 Carol Bova Now that the Hole in the Wall file has been gathered together as stated at the recent Board of Supervisors meeting, I again request electronic copies of:
• the Next Gen formal sales contract agreement
• any document showing who authorized the $50,000 and $18,000 payments to Next Gen
• a document showing where the board approved the original $78,000 purchase plus engineering fees which were not included in those invoices, or approval for the upgraded system shown in invoice #3 estimated at $128,900.
22-17 05.25.2022 Dee Russell Based on the "revelations" at the BOS meeting this evening I would like the following documents:
All "Constructional engineers" names which were contacted to review HITW including copies of invoices and any documents which were offered by those entities as a response. A copy of the structural engineers report as presented at the BOS meeting. Which was not in the packet.
22-18 05.25.2022 Dee Russell If you would please amend my FOIA request 22-18 to read the following:
May I please have electronic copies of the applications for the planning commission referenced by Mike Walls and an electronic copy of the Planning Commission Attendance sheets as referenced by David Jones in last night's meeting on 5/24/2022. Thanks Dee
22-19 05.27.2022 Carol Bova Sorry to bother you! I want to double check information for an article I’m writing. Could you please send me a copy of the building department permit for the Seabreeze lift in 2016?
Thank you, Carol

22-20 05.03.2022 Dee Russell  Extensive request filtered through County Attorney - assigning number for tracking purposes.  Files sent via Dropbox.  
22-21 06.08.2022 Dee Russell I would like the following documents in both electronic and paper format: A copy of the final Building Inspector’s (Jamie Wilkes) signed and approved site plan to be used by the contractors for the HITW restaurant lift and the deck addition. A copy of the site plan submitted to the Structural Engineer firm “The Structures Group” which was used for their inspection of the HITW restaurant lift and deck addition.