Mathews County Broadband Survey

Mathews County is aggressively pursuing multiple approaches to extend broadband internet availability to ensure the entire County has access to internet service that is:

  • Accessible
  • Affordable
  • High-speed
  • Reliable
  • Universal

Broadband is defined as internet service with a download speed of 25 Megabits per second (Mbps) and an upload speed of 3 Mbps or higher.

Survey Submissions

Submissions for the broadband survey closed on January 1, 2020. Mathews County and the Broadband Advisory Board would like to thank all who promoted participation in the survey, provided paper copies and drop off locations, and also those who took the time to complete and submit their information.

Data & Findings

Over the next few weeks, the data received from the survey will be compiled and analyzed. Appropriate findings will be provided on this page.

Thank you again for your interest and participation.