Broadband Advisory Board

The Broadband Advisory Board meets monthly in person, with an option to join via Zoom, on the second Tuesday of the month, at 9am at the Mathews Memorial Library.  

Please send email requests no later than the Monday before the meeting date for access to the Mathews Broadband Advisory Board Zoom Meetings to:


The Broadband Advisory Board was created on June 25, 2019 with the intention of bringing broadband services to a wider audience in Mathews County.

See further information regarding broadband.

Voting Members

  • Judy Rowe, Chair
    Home: 804-725-5127
    Cell : 804-815-8798
    Email Judy Rowe
  • Willie Love, Vice Chair                   804-384-2003
  • Phil Dunn, Secretary
  • Emily Allen, Multimedia Reporter
  • Joe Syslo, Financial Coordinator
    Email Joe Syslo
  • Melissa Mason, Board of Supervisors Liaison
    Phone 804-725-6613
    Email Melissa Mason
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2021 Broadband Advisory Board Minutes