Board of Supervisors Regular Meeting Schedule

Schedule of Regular Meetings & Standing Work Sessions

January 26, 20211 pmVirtual
February 23, 20216 pmVirtual
March 23, 20216 pmVirtual
April 12, 2021 (Closed Session)1 pmHistoric Court House (HCH)
April 12, 2021 (Budget Public Hearing)6 pmHarry M. Ward Auditorium (MHS)
April 27, 20214 pmHarry M. Ward Auditorium (MHS)
May 24, 20216 pmHarry M. Ward Auditorium (MHS)
June 22, 20216 pmHarry M. Ward Auditorium (MHS)
July 27, 20216 pmHistoric Courthouse
August 24, 20216 pmHistoric Courthouse
September 28, 20216 pmHistoric Courthouse
October 26, 20211 pmHistoric Courthouse
November 16, 20211 pmHistoric Courthouse
December 14, 20211 pmHistoric Courthouse

Per the Board of Supervisors bylaws Article 5, Section 5.1:

The Regular Meetings of the Mathews County Board of Supervisors shall be on the fourth Tuesday of each month, except for the November and December Regular Meetings, which may be rescheduled depending on when Thanksgiving and Christmas occur. Regular Meetings shall be Called to Order at 1 pm, except that the Board may, at their Organizational Meeting, designate some meetings to be held at 7 pm All Board of Supervisor meetings shall be held in the courtroom of the historic Mathews County Courthouse located at 27 Court Street, Mathews, Virginia, unless an alternate meeting space is designated by the Board.