Mathews Market Days Committee

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For meeting information and rules governing this Committee, you may contact the Mathews Market Days Committee at 804-505-1290.

For further information on Mathews Market Days, click here for the main website.


Committee Member Title  Term

Hugh Turner

Chairman/Treasurer   12/19
Dee Russell Vice Chairman   12/19
Linda Hernandez Secretary   12/19
Sharon Phillips Committee Chair   12/19

Rosalie Brown

Committee Chair   12/19
Linda Hernandez Committee Chair   12/19
Paul James Committee Chair   12/19
Jerry LHeureux Committee Chair   12/19
Terry Dixon Committee Chair    12/19
Dee Russell Committee Chair    12/19
Jessica Christensen Committee Chair    12/19
Brian Russell Committee Chair    12/19
Morgan Hudgins Committee Chair    12/19
Missy Maggioncalda Committee Chair    12/19

Cheryl Davis

Committee Chair


Susan Krista

Committee Chair

Lyn Banks Committee Chair   12/19
Christopher McBurney Committee Chair   12/19 
Trudy Flippin  Committee Chair    12/19 
Board of Supervisors will rotate through 2019 Board Representative    12/19