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The Mathews County Finance Department handles a variety of functions. Most functions are interdepartmental. Each month the Finance department is responsible for handling all claims from outside vendors. The amount of claims received for processing can vary anywhere from 300 per month to 500 per month during our busiest time of the year (June/July). Other functions the Finance department is responsible for are Benefits Administration, Payroll, Risk Management, Purchasing, Personnel, Human Resources and Internal Controls.

The County of Mathews pays claims every two weeks on average. All claims are approved by the Board of Supervisors during their regular meeting each month. Personnel are paid on the last business day each month.

In an effort to provide better transparency in government, we post several financial documents online.  Below you will find the following documents:

  • Proposed new fiscal year County Budget (This is the County Administrator's first draft of the recommended budget as presented to the Board of Supervisors)
  • Budget Adoption Schedules (This schedule is adopted by the Board and outlines the various meetings and deadlines of the budget process.  All meetings are open to the public.  Public comment is welcome during Public Hearings.)
  • Budget Advertisements (These advertisements are required persuant to Sections 15.2-2503, 15.2-2506, 22.1-93 and 58.1-3007 of the Code of Virginia, 1950, as amended.  This is where the Board of Supervisors announces a public hearing on the proposed budget as well as any changes in tax rates)
  • Adopted County Budgets including Schools (These are the final adopted and amended budgets.  They are normally adopted in May of each year with amendments adopted at the Board of Supervisors regular monthly meeting in June)
  • Amendments (Any amendments adopted by the Board of Supervisors after the budget has been adopted will be listed here)
  • Adopted Schools Budgets (These are the final adopted and amended budgets which the Mathews County School Board adopts and then submits to the Board of Supervisors for adoption each year)
  • Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (Audit Report) (These reports are the audited financials of the entire local government.  These reports are compiled by external auditors)
  • Monthly departmental claims reports (Accounts Payable) (These show all invoices that have been paid during a particular time period)
  • Monthly expenditure and revenue summary reports (These are basically a summary of the above information)
  • Monthly check registers (This lists all vendors with check numbers that have been paid each month)

If you wish to have any of these documents in excel format, please contact the Finance office at 804-725-7172.  Timeline of the Mathews County Budget Adoption process.

annual salary list:
FY19 Salary List
FY18 Salary List
FY17 Salary List
FY16 Salary List
FY15 Salary List
FY14 Salary List
FY13 Salary List

FY12 Salary List

FY11 Salary List
FY10 Salary List
FY09 Salary List
FY08 Salary List
FY07 Salary List
FY05 Salary List
FY19 Appropriation Resolution 
FY18 Amended Appropriation Resolution
FY18 Appropriation Resolution 
FY17 Appropriation Resolution 
FY16 Appropriation Resolution
FY15 Appropriation Resolution
FY14 Appropriations

proposed new fiscal year county government budget:
FY18-19 Proposed Budget for Public Hearing (April 2018) 
FY17-18 Proposed Budget for Public Hearing (April 2017) 
FY16-17 Proposed Budget for Public Hearing (April 2016) 
FY15-16 Proposed Budget for Public Hearing (April 2015) 
FY15-16 First Draft Worksession Budget (March 24, 2015)
FY14-15 Proposed Budget for Public Hearing (April 17, 2014) 
FY13-14 Proposed Budget for Public Hearing (April 3, 2013)
FY12-13 Proposed Budget for Public Hearing (March 28, 2012)

FY11-12 Proposed Budget for Public Hearing

budget adoption schedules:
FY19-20 Budget Adoption Schedule
FY18-19 Budget Adoption Schedule 

FY17-18 Budget Adoption Schedule

FY16-17 Budget Adoption Schedule
FY15-16 Budget Adoption Schedule 
FY14-15 Budget Adoption Schedule
FY13-14 Budget Adoption Schedule 
FY12-13 Budget Adoption Schedule
FY11-12 Budget Adoption Schedule Revised March 30, 2011

FY11-12 Budget Adoption Schedule

FY10-11 Budget Adoption Schedule

FY09-10 Budget Adoption Schedule
FY08-09 Budget Adoption Schedule
FY07-08 Budget Adoption Schedule
FY06-07 Budget Adoption Schedule
FY05-06 Budget Adoption Schedule

budget advertisements:  
FY18-19 Budget Advertisement
FY17-18 Budget Advertisement 
FY16-17 Budget Advertisement 
FY15-16 Budget Advertisement 
FY14-15 Budget Advertisement
FY13-14 Budget Advertisement
FY12-13 Budget Advertisement
FY11-12 Equalized Notice of Tax Increase Advertisement
FY11-12 Budget Advertisement

FY10-11 Budget Advertisement

FY09-10 Budget Advertisement
FY08-09 Budget Advertisement

FY07-08 Budget Advertisement 

FY06-07 Budget Advertisement
FY05-06 Budget Advertisement

adopted county budget with amendments:
FY18-19 Adopted County Budget 
FY17-18 Adopted County Budget
FY16-17 Adopted County Budget 
FY15-16 Adopted County Budget
FY14-15 Adopted County Budget
FY13-14 Adopted County Budget 
FY12-13 Adopted County Budget
FY11-12 Adopted County Budget

FY10-11 Adopted County Budget

FY09-10 Adopted County Budget
FY08-09 Adopted County Budget
FY07-08 Adopted County Budget
FY06-07 Adopted County Budget
FY05-06 Adopted County Budget
FY04-05 Adopted County Budget
budget amendments adopted:
FY18-19 Budget Amendments Adopted 
FY17-18 Budget Amendments Adopted 
FY16-17 Budget Amendments Adopted
FY15-16 Budget Amendments Adopted
FY14-15 Budget Amendments Adopted
FY13-14 Budget Amendments Adopted
FY12-13 Budget Amendments Adopted
FY11-12 Budget Amendments Adopted
FY10-11 Budget Amendments Adopted

adopted schools budget
FY18-19 Adopted Schools Budget 
FY17-18 Amended Schools Budget 
FY17-18 Adopted Schools Budget 
FY16-17 Amended Schools Budget 
FY16-17 Adopted Schools Budget 
FY15-16 Amended Schools Budget 
FY15-16 Adopted Schools Budget 
FY14-15 Amended Schools Budget
FY14-15 Adopted Schools Budget
FY13-14 Amended Schools Budget
FY13-14 Adopted Schools Budget
FY12-13 Amended Schools Budget
FY11-12 Amended Schools Budget
FY11-12 Adopted Schools Budget

FY10-11 Adopted Schools Budget

FY09-10 Adopted Schools Budget
FY08-09 Adopted Schools Budget
FY07-08 Adopted Schools Budget
FY06-07 Adopted Schools Budget
FY05-06 Adopted Schools Budget

comprehensive annual financial reports (Annual AUDIT Reports):
FY17-18 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report
FY16-17 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report 
FY15-16 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report  
FY14-15 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report
FY13-14 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report
FY12-13 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report 
FY11-12 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report 
FY10-11 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report
FY09-10 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report
FY08-09 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report

FY07-08 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report

FY06-07 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report

FY05-06 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report
FY04-05 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report

July 2017 Claims Report 
August 2017 Claims Report 
September 2017 Claims Report  
October 2017 Claims Report
November 2017 Claims Report 
December 2017 Claims Report 
 January 2018 Claims Report 
 February 2018 Claims Report
 March 2018 Claim Report
 April 2018 Claims Report
 May 2018 Claims Report
 June 2018 Claims Report
 July 2018 Claims Report

 August, 2018 Claims Report


July 2017 Expenditure Summary  
August  2017 Expenditure Summary  
Sept. 2017 Expenditure Summary  
October 2017Expenditure Summary 
November 2017Expenditure Summary 
December 2017 Expenditure Summary
 January 2018 Expenditure Summary
 February 2018 Expenditure Summary
 March 2018 Expenditure Summary
 April 2018 Expenditure Summary
 May 2018 Expenditure Summary
 June 2018 Expenditure Summary
 July 2018 Expenditure Summary
 August 2018 Expenditure Summary

MOnthly revenue summary reports:
July 2017 Revenue Summary 
August 2017 Revenue Summary  
September  2017 Revenue Summary 
October 2017 Revenue Summary
November 2017 Revenue Summary 
December 2017 Revenue Summary 
 January 2018 Revenue Summary
 February 2018 Revenue Summary
 March 2018 Revenue Summary
 April 2018 Revenue Summary
 May 2018 Revenue Summary
 June 2018 Revenue Summary
 July 2018 Revenue Summary
 August 2018 Revenue Summary 

        June 8 2018 Check Register a        June 19, 2018 Check Register           July 9, 2018 Check Register

July 11, 2017 Check Register 
July 14, 2017 Check Register
July 18, 2017 Check Register
July 24, 2017 Check Register
Aug 1, 2017 Check Register USBank
August 1, 2017 Check Register
August 2, 2017 Check Register
August 23, 2017 Check Register
August 30, 2017 Check Register
Sept 12, 2017 Check Register
Sept 12, 2017 Check Register US Bank
 September 25 2017 Check Register
 October 4, 2017 Check Register
October 10, 2017 Check Register
October 11, 2017 Check Register 
October 23, 2017 Check Register 
November 7, 2017 Check Register 
November 14, 2017 Check Register 
November 16, 2017 Check Register 
November 21, 2017 Check Register 
December 4, 2017 Check Register 
December 11, 2017 Check Register US Bank
December 11, 2017 Check Register
December 14, 2017 Check Register 
 December 19, 2017 Check Register
 January 9, 2018 Check Register 
 January 11, 2018 Check Register
 January 22, 2018 Check Register
 February 1, 2018 Check Register
 February 6, 2018 Check Register
 February 14, 2018 Check Register
 March 1, 2018 Check Register
 March 7, 2018 Check Register
 March 9, 2018 Check Register 
 March 21, 2018 Check Register
 March 23, 2018 Check Register 
 April 3, 2018 Check Register 
 April 9, 2018 Check Register 
 April 9, 2018 Check Register 
 April 11, 2018 Check Register 
 April 18, 2018 Check Register
 April 24, 2018 Check Register
 May 3, 2018 Check Register
 May 4, 2018 Check Register
 May 7, 2018 Void Check Register
 May 10, 2018 Check Register
 May 15, 2018 Check Register
 May 16, 2018 Void Check Register
 May 16, 2018 Check Register
 May 23, 2018 Check Register
 June 4, 2018 Check Register
June 8, 2018 Check Register
June 8, 2018 Check Register #2
June 19, 2018 Check Register
July 9, 2018 Check Register 
July 9, 2018 Check Register #2
July 11, 2018 Check Register 
July 16, 2018 Check Register 
July 19, 2018 Check Register
July 23, 2018 Check Register
July 24, 2018 Check Register
August 1, 2018 Check Register
August 6, 2018 Check Register
August 9, 2018 Check Register
August 17, 2018 Check Register
August 23,2018 Check Register
August 24, 2018 Check Register
September 4, 2018 Check Register
September 5, 2018 Check Register
September 17, 2018 Check Register




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