Health Department

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The Mathews County Health Department offers valuable services in the area of Health Care, Family Planning, Environmental Health as well as other services.

The Health Department is open from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. Arrangements can be made for evening and weekend screenings and special health events in all localities.
Health Care Services:  (* = sliding fee scale based on income) 
    • Pregnancy Testing - counseling, referral 
    • Family planning (by appointment) 
    • Immunization (required for school, free; others, minimal charge). Each of our 10
        HDs offers immunizations by appointment. 
    • STD counseling, screening, examination, diagnosis, treatment, and followup. 
    • HIV/AIDS testing, prevention education, case management, and Primary Care (in
        collaboration with Eastern Virginia Medical School) 
    • TB screening, testing & follow-up services 
    • Communicable Disease outbreak investigation, treatment, referrals, prevention of
         further outbreaks. 
    • Rabies titers and pre-exposure vaccinations, post-exposure followup. 
    • Health promotion consultation and programs 
    • Women, Infants and Children (WIC) nutrition services. 
    • Breast/cervical cancer education and detection. 
    • Cardiovascular Risk Reduction - targeted screening and counseling, and referral 
    • Preconceptual health

Family planning clinic sessions are concurrent in hours per month: 
       • Mathews, 2 clinics/month 

Other Health Services:
    • Lead screening - testing, referral, followup (Environmental Health Specialist assists 
        with abatement) 
    • Pre-admission nursing home screenings 
    • School based preventive (dental sealant) program in King & Queen, Lancaster,
        Northumberland, Richmond, and Westmoreland schools depending on availability of
        local funding. 
    • Children's Dental Clinic in Richmond County 
    • Resource Mothers (pregnant teens and their children to age 2) 
    • Sickle Cell and other genetic disease counseling 
    • Infant Safety Seat Program (car seats) 
    • Family Assessment and Planning Teams 
    • Community Health Education (schools, senior centers, service groups, etc.) 
    • School Programs - family life education, general health, personal hygiene, and
        nutrition education 
    • Head Start physicals (preschool indigent children) 
    • Preschool physicals (indigent 4-5 years old) 
    • EPSDT (Early Periodic Screening Diagnosis and Treatment) in conjunction with
        preschool physicals 
    • Children With Special Care Needs (CSHCN) 
    • Mobilizing for Actions Through Planning and Partnerships (MAPP)
            Local Public Health System Assessment 
                Essex and Northern Neck 
                Middle Penninsula 
    • Community Arthritis Program, Chronic Disease Self-Management Course 

Environmental Health Services:  (fixed fee for some) 
    • On-site sewage disposal permits 
    • Well permits 
    • Restaurant/food service permits and inspection 
    • Food service sanitation training (with Extension Service) 
    • Marina inspection 
    • Swimming pool and tourist establishment inspection 
    • Complaint investigation 
    • Rabies investigation
        *Animal Bite Investigations and follow up 
    • Restaurant Inspections