Social Services

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Service Programs Offered:

  • Child Protective Services (CPS) - The identification, receipt and immediate response to complaints and reports of alleged child abuse and/or neglect for children under 18 years of age. It also includes assessment, and arranging for and providing necessary protective and rehabilitative services for a child when the child has been found to have been abused or neglected or is at risk of being abused or neglected.
  • Adult Protective Services (APS) - Services provided or arranged by the local department of public welfare or social services which are necessary to prevent abuse, neglect, or exploitation of an adult. These services consist
    of the identification, receipt, and investigation of complaints and reports of adult abuse, neglect, and exploitation for incapacitated persons 18 years of age and over and persons 60 years of age and over.
  • Child Day Care Services - Activities that assist eligible families in the arrangement and/or purchase of day care for children for care that is less than a 24 hour day. This is an income/eligibility based program.
  • Adoption Subsidies - Cases where payments are made to adoptive families on behalf of a child with special needs until the child reaches 18 years of age.
  • Foster Care Services - Provides casework, treatment, and community services to a child who has been abused or neglected or is in need of services due to the death or incapacitation of a child’s parent(s) or legal guardian. Foster care is meant to be a temporary solution while the agency secures a permanent placement for a child.
  • The Virginia Initiative for Employment not Welfare (VIEW) - Program of employment opportunities to assist individuals in attaining the ultimate goal of self -sufficiency by the end of the mandated time frame of 24 months.
    As a condition of eligibility, each recipient of Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) must participate, unless otherwise exempt. The VIEW program provides clients with the skills necessary for self -sufficiency and
    allows them to obtain work experience through the components of the program.
    KidsHelp – Program provides in-home social services for children at risk for (or victims of) child abuse and their families.

Eligibility Programs Offered:

  • General Relief - Optional program designed to provide minimal maintenance assistance which can not be provided through other means. The program that Mathews DSS implements is for persons who are unemployable and do not
    reside in institutions. They may qualify for this assistance provided they meet income and resource criteria as well as being certified unemployable.
  • Auxiliary Grant – Supplement for aged, blind or disabled persons in Homes for Adults who have insufficient funds to meet their needs. An AG recipient must reside in a licensed adult home and both financial and non-financial
    eligibility standards must be met. An AG recipient is automatically eligible for full coverage Medicaid.
  • Medicaid - Program administered by the local Social Services Department and regulated by the Department of Medical Assistance Services. There are multiple groups of individuals who may be eligible for Medicaid services. They must meet certain income and resource guidelines. These groups include the aged, blind, disabled, families with children, pregnant women and foster care and adoption subsidy children.
  • TANF - Program which provides temporary financial assistance to eligible families with children. The family receives a monthly cash payment to meet their basic needs. The family must demonstrate financial need and meet TANF guidelines based on federal poverty levels.
  • Food Stamps - Electronic benefits that can be used like cash to buy food. The Food Stamp program is designed to help prevent hunger and malnutrition by providing accessibility to good quality food thus ensuring a better diet
    for low-income households.


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If you have any questions, please contact Mathews Social Services at 804-725-7192


Social Service Public Law 63.1-53:
Provides that all information relating to assistance and services are confidential and shall only be provided to persons having a legitimate interest.

CommonHelp is the Virginia Department of Social Services fast and easy way to screen and apply online for many benefit programs. To access CommonHelp click on the link below. 


helping those in need
helping those in need