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New County Website

Post Date:04/30/2018 10:45 AM

The Mathews County website has been redesigned and has many improvements and new features.  It was designed to be more user-friendly and straightforward, with information being more easily accessible.  It has all the information as the previous website, but the layout has changed to emphasize the most frequently selected items and to categorize the information in an easier-to-find format.  A new GIS system will be added to the website sometime during the summer of 2018 to provide a searchable real estate database.   

There are four quick-links across the top of the screen.  Selecting any of those links will take you directly to the corresponding pages.  There are five “hover” boxes going across the page, near the top.  Hovering over any one of those boxes will give you the opportunity to select a link to go to a page directly.  There is also a search link (magnifying glass) that will allow you to type in anything that you may be looking for and search the entire website.

The six colored circles near the bottom will connect you directly to the county’s corresponding page or will redirect you to the outside agency where you may find the information you are seeking.

At the bottom of the page, you will find “Meetings & Events” where upcoming meetings are displayed, or you can select “See Full Calendar” to connect directly to the full monthly calendar.  If you click on “News”, you will see any current news stories that are running, or you may select “See All News” to see the entire News page.

There are numerous beautiful photos rotating in the background depicting life in Mathews.

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